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We love you,
fur real!

Our comfortable accommodations provide a welcoming place for dogs & cats to stay while you’re away! Guests will feel at home with the around-the-clock care of our pet-loving staff. We offer a safe, clean, temperature-controlled environment, playtime, exercise, healthy meals & more. Book the ultimate staycation destination for your pet now!

Vaccination Requirements

Official written proof of all vaccinations with date & specified vaccines is required

(unless Done at Balanced Pets)

Dogs: Rabies, Distemper-Parvo Series, Bordetella (kennel cough), Influenza, and pet must have had a negative fecal exam within a year. 

Cats: Rabies, FVRCP, Feline Leukemia, and pet must have had a negative fecal exam within a year. 

What to bring with your pet?

  • Any medications your pet is on.

  • Any special food your pet is on. We do provide dry adult formula Blue Buffalo GI Formula if you choose not to bring your own food.

  • When packaging your pet's food please only send the amount that will be needed for the duration of your stay.

  • Please package your pet's food in sealable plastic containers. This makes storage more efficient for us and prevents food from spilling out of bags.

  • One or two chew toys to entertain your pet. MUST BE LABELED WITH NAME.

  • Bedding is acceptable to bring, but each item must be clearly labeled. We cannot take anything that is not labeled. Pet's personality can change during boarding due to separation anxiety so we cannot be responsible for anything that you bring that is destroyed by your pet.

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