Dental Care

Regular dental care is part of maintaining your pet’s overall health. By age 3, almost 85% of pets have periodontal disease. Bacteria that can live under the gum can travel to the heart, liver, and kidneys, leading to life-threatening complications. By performing at-home dental care and scheduling regular cleanings, you can maintain your pet’s dental health and extend their lifespan. During the dental assessment, your veterinarian will determine if your pet needs a routine dental cleaning or if they will need a more extensive procedure with extractions. Our team will be happy to provide you with a detailed estimate for all your pet’s healthcare needs. 

At Home Care

In between regular dental cleanings, you can prevent or limit the progression of periodontal disease by brushing your pet’s teeth, giving dental treats or chews, and using oral rinses. 

Dental Cleanings: What To Expect

When you bring your pet in for their dental cleaning, you will meet with our surgery intake assistant for a few minutes to review the procedure and any necessary paperwork.


Veterinary dental cleanings are done under anesthesia so that the veterinarian can assess the entire mouth, checking the gums and teeth thoroughly to ensure your pet’s oral health and to address any problems. The buildup of plaque and tartar will be removed, the teeth polished, and any unhealthy teeth extracted. Your pet will be closely monitored by your doctor and a veterinary assistant while under anesthesia and during recovery.


When the procedure is complete, the veterinarian will call and give you an update, answer any questions you may have, and establish a discharge time later that same day. At discharge, a veterinary assistant will go over at-home care for your pet.   


To request an appointment for a dental exam or cleaning, call us at 864-834-7334

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